Here, we inform about our visits and future solidarity actions. Since the shooting of the film in 2013 we got in contact with people who are willing to help to improve the situation of the Demailis. Together we are planning the following projects in 2016: A sponsorship program for the children’s education, renovation work on the house and legal assistance for the social welfare application. 

If you want to help, please contact us:  

2016, February 

Return to Shutka and Valentina’s family. It has been one year since the last visit. Valentina has become an aunt – Saim is the name of her great sister Jasmina’s son. Ramize has married as well and moved in with her husband. Valentina’s Grandpa died last spring. The other family members are doing fairly well, despite the worsened living conditions. For one year there has been no water supply and since two weeks no electricity. Heating costs have continued to rise, 100 euros on a monthly basis. We helped with the repair of the stove and bought firewood for the winter months. There is still no government support. The application for social assistance has not yet been approved, although it was started one year ago. The ban on begging in the inner city of Skopje is implemented consequently and the police arrests Valentina’s mother more often than before.

Joyful atmosphere during the Highlight of the visit: The screening of the finished film. It was well received, Valentina was celebrated for her narration and everyone was excited about the Berlinale. At the end, Valentina’s father made a suggestion: „If every viewer would donate one or two Euros…“